Bridging the gap between
fund and raise

What I do

GTM Strategy to Propel:

- Traction
- Sales
- Fundraising

The Challenge

Most startups fail to fundraise

Why? VCs invest in startups that have a structured approach to validating the business model in order to de-risk the investment opportunity. However, many founders fail to appreciate what that process is and how to demonstrate that they’re implementing it.

Eliminating Uncertainty

Structured GTM planning and execution is how to increasingly remove uncertainty from your business model and build a VC backable startup. Plan, execute, learn, update, repeat.

This is where you learn how.
How I help

A VC as Your Venture Builder

I help you develop and execute a playbook geared for growth, scalability and rapid fundraising. How?


Venture building

I help you define and execute a focused GTM strategy that eliminates uncertainty and gaps in your business model


Fractional Leadership

I help you define the playbook that gets you through uncertainty before you hire veterans to run with it


Venture capital

I help you leverage your strengths to articulate your story in a way that VCs pay attention to, understand, and want to invest in


Venture Building Framework for Founders

I offer a 1-1 venture building framework that accelerates your pre-seed to Series A journey.

GTM490 combines my experience as engineer, venture builder, VC and fractional leader to help you navigate your journey in the shortest time possible.

You need investment to continue validating your business.

VCs look for founders who have a great validation plan towards product-market fit.

I bridge both sides of the fundraising equation.

Our Amazing Clients

We’ve helped these clients build traction and fundraise.

Let’s accelerate your traction, sales and fundraising together.