About VJ

My Philosophy

I believe that the world needs startups.

Fundraising isn’t easy, but your experience need not be one of constant uncertainty.

Because the challenges we face are evolving, a vibrant ecosystem of daring startups is the only viable challenge to the status quo. Innovators like you help us to rethink the very meaning of possible. That’s why I’m passionate about giving you the competitive edge you need to get to market.

The main challenge with institutional fundraising is getting investors to see your future vision and believe in it enough to commit. Sadly, many founders step onto the stage with less knowhow than they need. Closing the gap can place a heavy financial burden on early stage startups and, in many ways, the consulting world has more bark than bite. You need someone hands-on, who aligns their success with yours. Someone who’s been a CEO for many early-stage startups, filled multiple C-suite roles, navigated successful exits, and served on advisory and investor boards. Someone who’s been a founder, failed a few times, and knows what it’s like.

That’s my world. I’m a VC who specializes in early-stage venture-building and Go-To-Market strategy. As an engineer, I developed a structured framework that enables data to drive your GTM strategy. GTM490 enables you to focus your execution, eliminate uncertainty in your business model, build confidence in your GTM plan and articulate your journey with executive resonance, in order to naturally win over VCs. At the very least, you’ll capture their respect as a savvy leader and CEO. They’ll open doors and give you honest feedback. If you still don't fit their fund’s thesis or requirements - which happens more than you think - they may even invest as an angel or take a second call with you, when you've pivoted or moved on to your next big venture idea.

Yours sincerely,

Vineet Jain
Fundraiser mentor and coach

More on me

I’ve spent 15 years in the innovation industry with 6 of them in the heart of Silicon Valley: Venture Capital, Corporate Innovation, leading startups as a 3x Founder & invited CEO, fractional CxO, and VC with multiple funds. My favorite role by far is that of a mentor and coach to now over 50 startups, who have collectively raised over $50M in early stage funds. For more details, check out my LinkedIn profile.

IS GTM490 right for you?

The journey through to series A is generally the same, regardless of the kind of innovation or company you’re developing. But the devil’s in the details, so what you do and how you do it is unique to you. That said, any startup that secured pre-seed funding will benefit from working with me: a quicker journey to series A, more interest from investors and a smoother, more rewarding and satisfying fundraising experience.

Let’s accelerate your traction, sales and fundraising together.