About GTM490

A GTM strategy that drives traction, sales and institutional investment

Why GTM490

The Challenge

When fundraising, you’re competing with every other startup for VC attention. To reduce risk and maximize ROI, VCs choose startups with all the right indicators.

The key to your success is to demonstrate a high degree of product-market fit (PMF) before cash runs out. But that’s like chasing a moving target, and the reason I created GTM490.

Structured GTM is how you learn as you go, without disrupting your startup’s workflow. It’s also how to extend your burn rate long enough to find a high degree of PMF.


90% of startups fail to cross the chasm, despite successfully raising a pre-seed round
40% of them never fundraise again
Those that do lose out on early exits by taking too long to get to Series A
When there, they could have gotten better terms or higher valuations
The process

How GTM490 Works

GTM490 is a modular, 1-to-1 framework for early stage founders
4 x 90 day sprints to catapult your startup from Pre-Seed to Series A
Battle tested and designed to turn thinkers into doers

GTM 1x90

We define the right GTM strategy for your startup


SEED 2x90

We launch seed fundraising, capture feedback and refine the GTM plan


GROW 3x90

We actively push meaningful market traction and early sales



We optimize operations and launch Series A fundraising

What we'll do together

A Closer Look

You’ll learn a lot. More importantly, you’ll be doing.

VCs watch for signals that help justify investment. Most relate to the business, but many relate to you as a founder. They’re evaluating your leadership, your ability to adjust to change and, above all, whether you’re coachable.

GTM490 is designed to bring your inner CEO to life through doing, in order to beeline to Series A.
We’ll identify our early adopters, how many there are, how to find them and what to tell them
We’ll set achievable milestone for your business
We’ll define and launch a focused GTM plan
We’ll run structured sales and fundraising experiments weekly, and use data to iterate our GTM plan
I’ll provide leadership where gaps exist
How you'll benefit

What to expect with GTM490?

You’ll transition from a founder to a leader. By the time you close your Series A round, you’ll have the leadership skills you need to grow a successful, profitable business.
A rock solid GTM plan and the tactical know-how to put it into action
A developing skill for knowing when to pivot and where to
An ability to sell more, faster and elegantly
A scalable business model coming into focus, addressing a big, clear and flexible market
VCs will listen more intently
You’ll get more first, second and third meetings with them
You’ll get to due diligence faster, nail it and get term sheets

Let’s accelerate your traction, sales and fundraising together.